Guess who’s back?

Many of you from the graduating classes of ’94-’96 in the Carolinas are already well aware of The Infamous Frik n’ Frak from our old high school newspaper “The Bark” where we produced flash mob sales levels during 1994.  The current level of passion remains the same regarding the pertinent need for one to take responsibility in educating themselves about current issues and the status of events that affect all of our lives.  With a deep desire to preserve every right prescribed by The Constitution of the United States of America, you may call us liberal, you may call us conservative, but it is the issues, motive, & actions of our government representatives that are most important -not what you choose to call us.  Hang in there – we’re not all politics!

We seek to create a page reflective of the necessities of all life:  freedom, truth, & balance.  Debates and comments are welcomed with open arms and an open mind, and we’ll only reject obvious spam or hate speech based on race, religion, sexuality, gender, nationality, or promotes any violence that is not specifically physical self defense.

Having a tender spot for the “underdawg” (yes, I love my Southern drawl), we do our very best to not only expose injustice, but to research thoroughly so that we also are not simply ‘the blind leading the blind.’  In other words, being the underdog doesn’t make you an automatic hero, but it will raise the issue to the forefront. 

Yes, there will be some news that may worry you, current events that should enrage you, but I assure you…dig deep…because we are not here to scare you – but to empower you with the knowledge, the foresight, and the communication tools necessary to bring us all peace and further your “pursuit of happiness.” 

Expect everything from invigorating, informative essays regarding hometown, national, and international issues to intriguing photography, soulful poetry, music from indie bands/musicians, and frugal tips on how to save money including budget travel suggestions. 

In response to a growing national need to learn more about natural wellness practices, organic products, and creating a lifestyle of sustainable, simple living, there will be a greater emphasis on information that allows us to take back control of our own lives, health, and well-being.  This also includes exposing corporate control existent in our current health care system.

Our home school category will actually reflect wonderful information for all ages with many resources to teach yourself any subject:  history, foreign languages, math, science, gardening, even eco-sustainability and self-sufficiency with survival tidbits necessary to know how to either go “off the grid” or survive if we are forced to provide 100% everything for ourselves.  Think of it as a DIY, do it yourself, column gone wild. 

Spirituality is approached as a unifying force for humanity – a way to reconnect with ourselves, each other, Mother Earth, and Our Higher Power that energizes and resides in all of creation. 

There is an Awakening occuring all over the world that is beginning to recognize the full potential of human powers.  These revelations are guaranteed to astound you.  I seek not to think for you, but to simply make you think.  I welcome you as we walk on this journey together.  

All written content and photography is copyrighted by Jennifer O’Neal Simmons unless otherwise noted.  To request a fine art print or reprint permission, contact me @

You can also find me on facebook  🙂


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