Artificial Butter Flavoring Proven Hazardous

That’s right, artificial ingredients are killing people–particularly the by product diacetyl produced when artifically flavored popcorn is microwaved.  The fumes produced during the popping, as well as breathed in once the bag is opened, and even inhaled during chewing are making people sick.  Sick enough to cause death, with suspicious links to lung cancer as well. 

Put simply, the symptoms may be as “minor” as increased coughing, gagging, and phlegm production, or it can be as severe as an instant asthmatic attack.  Over time, particularly with daily consumption and exposure, it is proven to cause extensive damage of the lung tissues–constricting bronchiole airways, even obliterating them all together, along with hyperextension, bursting, and calcification of the airsacs themselves. 

The FDA has been notified in writing that states the needed proof from the needed specialists, yet continue to ignore the problem without even so much as warning the American people that there are issues with the products at hand that need further investigation. 

Don’t dispare–popcorn is still a healthy, whole grain, high fiber snack.  Like other preparation and canning practices, it is time for the sake of our healths to revert back to the old school methods.  Although convenience is addictive, the effects of aluminum canning, plastic bottling, steroid additions, pesticide laden produce, and artificial ingredients and preservatives are proven to be crippling killers. 

As difficult as it may be, I have full faith that our Appalachian heritages still thrive enough to pass the knowledge along in order to keep this generation of latent priorities and past passivity alive.  

To prepare popcorn on the stove:

  1. Buy the bagged kernels of popping corn.
  2. Turn stove burner on high heat.
  3. To save on fat & calories, eliminate butter during popping process.  Otherwise, for a large pot of popcorn, melt 2 tablespoons of butter along with enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom of the pot.
  4. Cover pot with lid as contents begin to heat.
  5. When corn begins to pop, secure lid with both hands (don’t forget your potholders) as you begin sliding pot vigorously back and forth over the burner. 
  6. When popping stops, remove completely from heat.
  7. Beware of steam escaping as you remove lid.  Open away from your face to prevent burns. 
  8. Salt or sweeten with light sprinkle of sugar as desired. 

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    Jan 09, 2008 @ 05:40:02

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    Jan 12, 2008 @ 09:48:36

    Thanks for information.
    many interesting things


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