Damona Waits (Mt. Airy natives) LIVE this Weekend–check sample tracks here

Mt. Airy, NC natives Chase O’Neal (drums), Andrew Simmons (guitar), Tyler Badgett (bass guitar), and Josh Snow (guitar) are redefining the realm of rock n’roll as we speak.

O’Neal, Simmons, and Badgett have been performing together since Gentry Middle School when, along with Will Jackson, they rocked out as The Fishsandwiches.  Since graduating high school, they have teamed up with Surry County native Josh Snow to create a rich, invigorating instruMETAL sound that is by far like no other.  Will Jackson is now lead singer of the metal band “From a Second Story Window” based further north while touring throughout North America.

Before you turn yourselves off, citing that you hate the screech of heavy metal, let me explain–I, personally, am not a metal fan.  I despise Van Halen’s exaggerated riffs and hollow lyrics, and personally can’t connect with the thrash metal scene in general.  Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue, and similar hair bands were hot back in the day, but in my opinion, other than a couple of classics, their tracks remain stalemates in my repertoire.   There are only three metal bands that I will even consider downloading that have and will continue to withstand the test of time forevermore:

  1. AC/DC
  2. Metallica
  3. Damona Waits

You may claim or think me biased since my brother is the double-bass-pounding-phenomenal drummer that immediately grabs your attention–regardless of your classic rock heritage.  Not so–that only got me to the first show and first downloads.  Combine that along with the reverberating rhythmic thuds Badgett paces in an almost erotic fashion on bass–and no matter your hip hop preference–your torso instantly moves, popping in an instant trance, choreographed beyond your immediate consciousness.  Touched off with an electrical dance of a  lifetime of dedication by guitarists Simmons and Snow, and believe it or not even you, your own most unsuspecting metal fan, will begin tossing your own hair, hands flailing in the air. 

Whether by internet download or live where the vibrations will immediately possess you, they are a performance not to be missed.  Although they feature the occassional guest singer, their music rises above the need for lyrics.  The music tells its own story–one you will subconsciously, yet immediately, define as your own. 

They are currently in studio production fine tuning their much anticipated debute album.  The original release was expected in 2006, but once complete the musical perfectionists were not satisfied with the sound of the Wilmington producers local to their current home.  Ditching the whole project, they began fresh with their old friend and gifted producer, Jamie King of The Basement Recording Studio located in Winston-Salem.  At near completion, the album, artists, and producer are worth every ounce of your support, time, and drive. 

They will be headlining @ The Soapbox in Wilmington, NC tomorrow Friday, 9/7, with doors opening @9:00pm along with Surry County natives Eldora.  Check out their sample tracks below, download them while you can, and gather your friends for a roadtrip that promises to deliver. 

For more info on The Soapbox’s location: www.soapboxlaundrolounge.com/

Check out their 4 sample tracks here on Damona Waits’ website:  http://www.myspace.com/damonawaits.com/


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