Palin Supports Alaska Secession from U.S. – as its own free state

Palin recently applauded the Alaskan Independence Party, stating they had an “inspiring convention.”  In 2006 and 2008, she made appearances to welcome new members and solicit their political support.  Her husband, Todd Palin, was a long time involved member until 2002 when Palin began her involvement in Republican state politics. 

The intent of the Alaskan Independence Party actively seeks to “remove our star from that flag.”  Ironically, they will be just as satisfied joining Canada as a territory if becoming their own country is entirely feasible.  They have stated that should they secede, they will form a constitution virtually identical to the US Constitution, and make a point to say that we could still be military allies.

It is hard to argue against freedom, especially in an era when our government has alienated its people, lied to its citizens, and even passed The Patriot Act that is anything but patriotic, as it gives the government the legal right to spy and intrude on any American citizen at will.  However, not only is this an extremely vulnerable and dangerous time in our country’s history, there are a few dire points to be made.

1)  If Alaska deserves independence, then so does all the other 49 states.  However, the very reason we have states established, is so that each state can make and enforce laws that apply specifically to their region, their culture, basically based, for better or for worse, on what their people are willing to put up with.  This system also affords each state and its people the umbrella protection of the United States Constitution so that everyone has equal, humane rights.  In addition, as a state you automatically have the protection and support of the US Military.  The third obvious benefit is an open, less complicated, and less expensive system of trade, travel, and commerce in regards to sharing each state’s unique resources. 

Alaska has the majority of our oil–that we are all well aware of.  That would put the American people in a disasterously vulnerable position to accept or do without their set price on oil.  I am curious to know whether they realize that if that were the case, the other 49 states have enormous leveraging power as well.  So corn or wheat isn’t as valuable ounce for ounce as oil….but when you live in an arctic climatic zone….suddenly the intrisic value has risen.  Perhaps that is why they are so willing to annex with Canada.  Or maybe it’s the universal healthcare they are after….and we all know what Republicans think about that.  Must repeat–the irony here is astounding.

2)  The second Alaska were to declare their own independence (or even their annexation w/Canada), Russia will promptly move in and invade.  These guys don’t mess around when they see an obvious advantage to be had.  They don’t catfight either.  Without a doubt, Alaska would still expect U.S. military back up should this occur. This is even more infuriating to me, b/c again, they are wanting our best resources, while not paying the taxes it takes to support the very institution that they seek guardianship.  Absolutely no different then expecting your neighbor’s guard dog to protect you or your property, while you have no hand in feeding it, sheltering it, nourishing it in any fashion.

Being supportive politically or financially does not mean you have to be a member.  I support the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and several other programs, though admittedly, I have never responded to a disaster, and have not yet driven a nail.  To learn more about the Alaskan Independent Party, go straight to the horse’s mouth @


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  1. laura
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 06:12:59

    [ editor’s note: This comment was approved to uphold the Freedom of Speech & Free Press. Open debate allows for the exchange of perspectives, and one is never helpful or can be fully understood without its opposition. ~ FRIK n FRAK]

    I absolutely support Secession – now more than ever. I believe the Christian leaning States (Southern and Western and maybe more) will secede from the US. Alaska, seeing this occur, will also most likely secede. Perhaps this will be accomplished prior to 2012. Then Governor Palin can possibly run for President of these United States if she would like. We don’t want to be a part of a Marxist socialist state that redistributes wealth, legalizes homosexual marriage, aborts babies and murders babies born alive, and elects a man who says he’s God. We don’t want a part of the Patriot Act (as you stated). Did you know that on October 1 a standing army was placed in Georgia via NorthCom from Patriot Act and is for use against civilians?? Then now Obama says he wants a Civilian National Security Force. We want out of this nation for a reason. We don’t want to be a party to the natural results of these choices, nor are we willing to allow a nation like this to persecute us and treat Governor Palin and others with hate for Christian values and beliefs that are traditional. We don’t want the high taxes, loss of freedom, etc. etc., etc.

    We can become part of a new Union of States that are Christian and afford mutual safety and protection as well as join NATO for self-protection as a larger group. We are not limited. It is time the US divided on liberal vs. conservative grounds since America has elected a radically left Marxist socialist with Hitler tendencies as one studies his background, associations, ideology, nad beliefs existing PRIOR to the front he put on for election. We want out. And I believe God will deliver us quickly out of this nation. God bless.


    • The Infamous FRIK
      Aug 23, 2010 @ 23:28:26

      My best suggestion is you delve into the motive that prompted our Founding Fathers to create this nation – the very principles our government was created to protect. Then, read your contradictive statements once more. The freedom you flag, you also insist on stifling in others. Your idolation of Palin, disregard for human rights, and false guidance using the term “Hitler tendencies” are not Christian values you claim to support.


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