Performance as Governor of Alaska: Investigative Profile of Sarah Palin



As you can tell folks, headlines nationwide are heating up with news we don’t seem to be hearing from the mainstream media outlets.  At least not here in NC where for the first time in 20+ years, NC could be a decisive Blue State on the electoral map.  Intriguing, yet frightening, and ever the more reason not to discount your personal role in this year’s election.  No matter WHAT state you are in–and no matter how flawed the last two have been–let YOUR vote be one more that stands on record.  

In each political role, Palin has been proven to be secretive, vengeful, and underhanded to the point of obstruction of justice with multiple decisions she has made.  I have posted links discussing these in prior posts, but the focus here is her role as Governor of Alaska.  What has she been up to for the last two years?

Sarah Palin’s obstruction of justice using personal email account to hide correspondence, declaring “Hey, I don’t think anyone can subpoena this!”

A great blog post from someone who attended the “Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin Rally.” The rally wound up having a higher turnout than Palin’s official rally!:





She maintains a “special assistant” who’s only notable duties are babysitting…at a whopping $68,664/yr straight out of Alaskan taxpayers pocket.(NY Times)




Since taking office in 2007, she has spent 316 days at her personal home…600 miles away from the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau. (NY Times) 




 I quote further from The New York Times:

During the last legislative session, some lawmakers became so frustrated with her absences that they took to wearing “Where’s Sarah?” pins.

Many politicians say they typically learn of her initiatives — and vetoes — from news releases.

Mayors across the state, from the larger cities to tiny municipalities along the southeastern fiords, are even more frustrated. Often, their letters go unanswered and their pleas ignored, records and interviews show.

Last summer, Mayor Mark Begich of Anchorage, a Democrat, pressed Ms. Palin to meet with him because the state had failed to deliver money needed to operate city traffic lights. At one point, records show, state officials told him to just turn off a dozen of them. Ms. Palin agreed to meet with Mr. Begich when he threatened to go public with his anger, according to city officials.

At an Alaska Municipal League gathering in Juneau in January, mayors across the political spectrum swapped stories of the governor’s remoteness. How many of you, someone asked, have tried to meet with her? Every hand went up, recalled Mayor Fred Shields of Haines Borough. And how many met with her? Just a few hands rose. Ms. Palin soon walked in, delivered a few remarks and left for an anti-abortion rally….

…. As Ms. Palin’s star ascends, the McCain campaign, as often happens in national races, is controlling the words of those who know her well. Her mother-in-law, Faye Palin, has been asked not to speak to reporters, and aides sit in on interviews with old friends.

At a recent lunch gathering, an official with the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce asked its members to refer all calls from reporters to the governor’s office. Dianne Woodruff, a city councilwoman, shook her head.

“I was thinking, I don’t remember giving up my First Amendment rights,” Ms. Woodruff said. “Just because you’re not going gaga over Sarah doesn’t mean you can’t speak your mind.”

Scary enough, there is yet more to come.

The NY Times article,”Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes” is by Jo Becker, Peter S. Goodman and Michael Powell


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