video: MO Rural Town Echoes NC Needs – how’s your state doin’?

No kidding, I am seriously curious how your part of the country is faring…with a short & sweet video from Missouri small town following.  Anything else you’d like to share about your neck of the woods would be awesome!

How many jobs does your local paper have posted available? (I’m talking about the ones that don’t require any investment other than you showing up and working your hiney off.)

How far away is your closest community college, and how much is one semester’s tuition?  How about the closest option for a 4 yr degree (including online) and how much is that tuition for 1 yr in the field of your choice?

How many commercial buildings are left empty shells w/ For Rent signs?  (Would you say barely any, a few, several, or everywhere–at least one on every major rd?)

What would it cost you to get a tooth pulled in your area? 

Pick 1 doctor and get a quote over the phone what your visit would cost to be examined and treated for pneumonia.  Then call your favorite pharmacy and ask how much a typical antibiotic for pneumonia would cost in full. 

What’s your area’s cheapest gas prices?  How about fuel oil per gallon for heating your home?

Are your public schools adequately housed & secure?  Any major physical threats or upsets?

How much is a gallon of milk?  A pound of hamburger?  chicken?


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