An attitude adjustment about learning

90% of learning goals are about attitude, integration, and exposure.  It is apparently human nature to resist when mentally pushed for the sake of self-preservation, so even when you feel the pressure as an adult, adjust the heat of your boiler according to age, maturity, and effort by the child.

Find a way to blend anything possibly educational into your kid’s daily life.  Saturate them with short games that sharpen skills or reinforce old ones.  Adjust according to interest, location, and activity level, but open your eyes, and the opportunities will never fail to appear. 

Exposure is a combination of repetition and new experiences.  Even simple changes to your ordinary will freshen up the mind and curiosity level at any age.   Do not get over-confident when a subject is easily understood.  Reintroduction or reapplication (hands on work) later on is necessary to keep the memory strong.


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