Creatures of habit? or reinvention?

We are creatures of habit, and that includes our online habits.  I just realized the other day that it had been quite some while since I scanned headlines that had not already been filtered by my time quarantined over at facebook, or limited in scope [and notably leaning to the right in offerings] by my “swag buck” earning search engine.

That’s when it occurred to me that I had sold my Freedom of Press out for lousy cyber tokens, hoping to save enough in a couple of years for some phat swag.  I had voluntarily given up my constitutional right to information.  Had pigeon-holed my own thoughts and due processes to crippling narrow proportions. 

I was appalled, and vowed to put my blog on hold no longer.  It would encourage me to get digging into the news again, judging for myself what would be shared.

You have to understand, a wide-ranged mass of information comes at me weekly.  Having hidden useless info (except that 1 vice, Mafia Wars.  Oh, and Texas Hold ‘Em…), I am witness to a deluge of healthy, pertinent info that I feel a deep need to share.  It took me more than a few months to realize my friend list and sub-categorized lists were not ample ‘who gives a damn’ filters.  It might be my free right to publish, but it was also my contacts’ free right to hide, delete, or generalize my posts as irrelevant or bitter simply because of poor timing in the midst of a barrage of media.

It would be more appropriate to streamline the mental whirlwind so the reader could choose when (and how far) they wanted to go.  Controlling over exposure and output prevents me from putting off any 1 audience or newly added friend.  Redirecting my energy to comments towards developing blog discussions keeps the wrong impression from being made to a misinformed 3rd party. 

I don’t expect everyone to “like” what I have to say, but I have a need to say it (hey, I’m a Gemini; call it my “calling”), and will continue to say it.  I appreciate and encourage reader input, because at the end of the page, the 1 thing I strive for is to make you think.


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