Full Audio Recording of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Getting Revealing Prank Call

You may have heard the rumors, but have you heard the entire recorded phone call that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker [R] took where he thought he was speaking to David Koch, mega-billionaire and Republican Party campaign contributor? Thanks to self-made journalist Ian Murphy of theBeast.com, you can now.

This audio has been authenticated from Governor Scott Walker’s office, and defended with, “It doesn’t say anything he hasn’t said in public.” Perhaps…but did he say these things before he was elected? Not a chance.

Furthermore, his own ethical standards are clearly distorted as you’ll note that he threatened to layoff state workers, remarking that he ‘bet that hanging over the Democrats head would get them back in session’. He also sought to trick the Democrats to enter the Capitol Building either to pick up their paychecks being held hostage in the Assembly Office or through “talks – not negotiations – but they all 14 have to be there.”

He even admits the motive was the legal loophole that would allow Republicans to proceed with the vote if the Democrats showed up, then got angry during discussion and left again. He stated that “once they’ve entered a session, should they take a recess, they don’t have to present after that to proceed.” Currently, Wisconsin law states that 20 State Congress Representatives must be present to vote on any issue concerning the budget.

As of yesterday, Walker pushed the vote through anyway without the Democrats being in session. The Democrats do plan to appeal, but while Governor Walker has claimed all along that this was a “budget repair bill,” he is now waivering to claim that it was a vote that didn’t involve “fiscal [budget] responsibility,” therefore the 19 present Republicans were sufficient.

Don’t you love it when a team changes the rules as they go along? Props to Republican Dale Schultz for batting a homerun by opposing his “refusing to budge” Republican Party.

Ahhh, I know. You came here for the audio. Here they are in 2 parts.

The Infamous FRIK n’ FRAK


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