Only Republican in Wisconsin to Vote for Unions

He was a lone wolf with the nerve to stand up against peer pressure from other Wisconsin state representatives in the Republican Party and vote against current Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to undercut Wisconsin citizens’ rights for collective bargaining on behalf of public workers’ benefits, aka “the Union-Busting Bill.” [editor’s note: Click to read bill in full; Interestingly enough, a Yahoo search of “Scott Walker budget repair bill” led to this link, yet when clicked, it re-routed you back to Yahoo’s search page. Moving over to Google, with same search attempt, the link was present in full & works just fine.]

While Gov. Scott Walker has destroyed his own reputation via telephone calls where he pointedly drives it home that this is a “them” and “us” political agenda where he was willing to blackmail and trick Dems into relinquishing voting power, and then on media tours where he clearly “flip-flops” his own intentions in the same sentence as he claims on the tv show “Upfront with Mike Gousha” that he was not restricting the right for public workers to unionize with collective bargaining for their own pay, yet he “and other Republicans” believed there should be “a cap” on negotiations. As in a limit. That’s like saying you’re going to auction off something, but as seller you refuse the higher price and insist on the lower bidding buyer. Insane, I know…but he really expected you to believe that.

On the other hand, there is Dale W. Schultz, our lone wolf Republican. While Gov. Scott Walker was busy ruining his own street credit, Dale W. Schultz just gained a few credit points in many people’s eyes, including my own. He is a great example that all Republicans aren’t neo-con gold diggers, just like being Democrat in 2011 doesn’t make you a socialist. He proves during one of the most divisive political eras of our country’s history that yes, we really do all have more in common than differences. We’d like to see more of that here at The Infamous Frik n’ Frak.

The fact that with all eyes were on him during a time of extreme pressurized debate of civil rights and economic stability, and he chose to vote against his fellow Republicans (18-1), knowing full well that the measure would lose thanks to the vote proceeding in the absence of the Democrat representatives that are hiding out in boycott of the matter, made him an “underdawg” in their eyes…and a hero in ours.

It was only after a second glance at his public statements and record regarding other issues that I was fully convinced that he was sincere in his choice. You can look here for yourself.

If you happen to be in any of the other 49 states or territories of the U.S. wondering, “What on Earth does Wisconsin have to do with me?” let me just make this point very clear: What can happen to someone else at some point will happen to you if silent submission, ignorance, or indeference is your chosen path.

We all have that choice to make: to walk toward the Light, or to dangle in Darkness. Republican Dale W. Schultz chose the Light.

To hear the audio of Gov. Scott Walker’s phone call to whom he thought was David Koch, major Republican Party financer, go here.


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