President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama Video Message about Bullies

The timing of this video release was impeccable for my own family. My two sons who homeschool (with bullying being the initial culprit in my decision to do so) had to deal with this very issue in a prominent youth social group over the past several months.

The problem had climaxed to the point that I stepped in and addressed the officials leading the group, and immediately gained their support to stop the matter in its tracks. I was also impressed with how they counseled the children to:

1) recognize it, 2) confront it, and 3) report it promptly.

I think the kids really appreciated hearing from adults that supporting each other without fear of also approaching an adult was crucial to their well-being.

This message from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama reaffirmed to my boys that they could handle any further issues, and that no, Mama’s not just being over-protective. 🙂

Go now to see President Obama talking to kids about bullying, and to gain more support and information for parents and kids including live video conferencing and chat.

If you hurry, you can catch LIVE today at 10:30am EST the 1st ever White House conference on bullying prevention.

~ One Love ~

The Infamous FRIK n’ FRAK


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  1. The Infamous FRIK
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 18:51:53

    LOL~ My 1st lesson in online publishing: Do not format when you’ve been up all night and have wrung your brain dry. This tends to lead to your local accent expressing itself in creative homonyms that pointblank mean the wrong use of the word. It also gives links a tendency to get dizzy amongst all the copy/pasting, therefore showing up in the wrong place at the wrong time. All things that the tired mind does not register while proofreading even the 3rd time around. ;p


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