Japanese Nuclear Reactor Emergency Status – Area Evacuated – Bigger than Chernobyl Disaster

There have been massive amounts of radiation detected OUTside of the destabilized nuclear reactor, reports up to 1000 times higher than safe levels following the largest earthquake in Japanese 140 years of recorded history. All citizens in the area are urged to evacuate. Links with full details to follow.

This is the prime occasion to discuss the simple fact that nuclear energy and natural gas or oil are never safe, viable, life enhancing options. It really is that simple. No man-made structure will ever fully withstand natural disasters or climatic conditions over time (if ever at all), and they also increase the likelihood and number of casualties in the meantime.

No amount of convenience is worth the loss of life. After all, it’s the improvement in the quality of life that is the primary argument for such advances. However, over the last decade, it has become abundantly clear that it is not quality of life, but quantity of profit that drives these toxic invasions into our towns, homes, air, soil, and water.

Clean air (thus allowing in proper sunshine, temperature, & gases), soil, and water…the 3 necessities for life. These 3 things not only provide the ability to feed ourselves, but each on its own is a carrier of either nurturance or poison that will enter our bodies in a number of ways.

Do not support, do not believe media reports or classroom textbooks that try to charm you into thinking everything’s ok because we’ve learned how to manage/harnass/utilize safely that which is a proven poison.

Even if you think natural disasters or mandated gas pipelines lining your suburban ditches and urban sprawls don’t affect your region that much, they do. The nuclear power plant discreetly located on the other side of the state or in a no-man’s land of useless property, the truth is: fires feed off of fuel, they spread, & so does toxic release of wastes – whether by industrial neglect, terrorism, or the changing weather.

How to Help Victims of Earthquake & Tsunami

Live Stream Video Feed from Japan

Earthquake triggers Volcanos in Russia

Nuclear Explosion Imminent
Japanese Evacuation

How to Protect Yourself in an Earthquake

How to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Radiation coming next.

Stay Safe,The Infamous FRIK


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