In the Aftermath of Nuclear Disaster

Sometimes there comes a point when you have to stop researching and start implementing what you’ve learned. Time to digest the changes, absorb the situation, and re-evaluate your priorities.

After several successive days and nights of spending most of my time trying to give this website project a jumpstart, the destructive trifecta of earthquake(s), tsunami, and nuclear radiation leakage knocked me into a reality check of my own family’s ability to protect and sustain itself should those circumstances either be duplicated or contaminate our little homestead.

The next day, a younger 3rd cousin of mine lost his wife after she gave birth to their son. A tragedy of epic proportions that although I cannot comprehend the depth, am immediately awakened to the need to address the here and now.

So, I spent the majority of the weekend offline. There comes a point where the many bigger issues must be taken apart to reveal that which is most important at its core, that which is most urgent, most effective, further reaching in its quest for longevity.

As a parent, this most often begins with my children. Have I spent any quality time with them lately? Have I – at least once today – let go of my own reality in order to visit their immature realms? A child’s priorities will never be an adult’s, but I find this mutually therapeutic when taken in small, frequent doses.

As a spouse, I wonder…how do I know when I’m working enough or working too much? Without an income or time clock attached to the deed, it is more difficult to measure. Then came the reflection, “Have I shown my appreciation?” Again, it is easier to assume that we have, than that we haven’t. I figured either way it went, it’d be a poor assumption.

There were also other things to consider:

How will possible nuclear fallout affect my food supply?
Would I be better off to start my peas indoors? v.s. the original plan to sow them directly in the ground right away? I just had gotten landscaping garden rows ready along the base of my fence.

Need to start collecting drink containers to sterilize with boiling water & keep filled for at least 2 weeks worth of drinking water.

Need to quit putting off my mini-root cellar idea. This will allow me to store plenty of cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes, squash. Would be wise to consider constructing an indoor entrance to this. We don’t have a basement already, but we could easily modify a small section of flooring for indoor access to decrease chances of radiation exposure.

Stock up on iodine/potassium iodide. In essence, an adult needs 130mcg a day to saturate the thyroid. This protects the thyroid only, but is essential to blocking radioactive iodides. There could be other radioactive particles involved as well.

Clay – particularly bentonite – can be used as a mud bath, skin wrap, food/drink additive – to help draw out radiation.

Baking soda – Besides being the safest, most effective teeth cleaning substance, it also works to neutralize radioactive isotopes. Recommended to having 50 lbs on hand for emergency situations. Reportedly, you can get that much for ~$35. I thought I was doing good with the 3-4 small boxes we have put back.

Seaweed – any way you can get it, and get it pretty often because it contains high amounts of potassium iodide in the purest form available: food. Can be found dried/powdered in capsule form or as a direct food additive, salty/crunchy dehydrated snacks, fresh in salads, pickled…

Probably a good idea to store the water currently caught in my rain barrels in our covered portable cistern, & not use any rain caught this month without 1st treating it with baking soda. This is not drinking water I am talking about, either, but used for our garden instead.

Stock up on vitamin C, but make an effort to grow small citrus trees indoors beginning with orange and lemon.  Reportedly my great-grandfather kept miniatures growing and producing fruit in his basement even though he lived well out of range from their tropical native climate. 

Need to give special attention to my already growing antioxidant mustard greens, rosemary, and aloe vera. All of these are very easy to grow in small spaces and offer heavy metal detox for the circulatory system.

Time to include oregano in my herb garden. Praised for antimicrobial action, essential oil of oregano extracted from the plant is a strong daily defender of the immune system.

So back to my cycle of priorities…as always, they come back ’round to my family. So for now, I’m gonna log off, be eclectic and work on starting my pea sprouts indoors to help save our food supply while teaching my kids self-sufficiency and showing my mate that I’m thankful by bringing a bit o’ my own to the table…even if money doesn’t exchange hands.

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~ One Love ~ The Infamous FRIK


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