Anxiety, Amnesia, Anesthesia – Pick Your Poison

The following is brought to us by an additional collaborative contributor: pH-at Naturopath. He brings incredible research, life experience, and analysis on several issues regarding the state of our healthcare system, personal health, and pure, unabashed freedom for all.

His passion resounds straight from the heart (with a good dose of intellect) that began when his child began to suffer tremendously after a stiff vaccine regimen. Through this process, many of his own problems throughout life began to make a little more sense when he realized he, too, had been “vaccine damaged” leaving him floating along the milder end of the autistic spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The culmination of health problems led him into a career as a naturopath: a natural based health care provider. Here, he gives us insight into American psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, critic of biological psychiatry and psychiatric medication, after having read several of Dr. Breggin’s books.

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p-Hat Naturopath:

I must tell you that I have never been so overwhelmed by profound knowledge than when I read Dr. Breggin’s work. Without a doubt, the depth of knowledge that he shares is without equal. It is my hope that as you read this small portion of his work, you will read “Brain-Disabling Treatments In Psychiatry” in its entirety, and continue your quest for truth in medicine with his other books as well.

Every naturopathic practitioner should be required to study Dr. Breggin. I do not hold out much hope for traditional allopathic practitioners. Occasionally, we will see 1 or 2 peel out of the flock. For the most part — they are all locked in the stricture of the AMA (American Medical Association) and “the standard of care” ideology.

From chapter 12 of Dr. Peter Breggin’s book “Brain-Disabling Treatments In Psychiatry“:

No drugs are obviously more brain-disabling and spellbinding than the benzodiazepines (BZ’s). They produce a continuum of central nervous system (CNS) effects that begins with a feeling of relaxation, progresses toward somnolence, and in sufficient doses causes a coma deep enough to use as anesthesia in major surgery. The continuum of effects is very similar to alcohol, but the BZ’s can suppress the CNS without producing as much drunkenness (slurred speech and ataxia) and can more effectively produce the depth of soma necessary for surgery.


Because they have no ax to grind about treating anxiety with BZ’s and other CNS depressants, anesthesiologists have been more honest in evaluating their effects.  All currently used forms of anesthesia work by enhancing the effect of the neurotransmitter system receptors known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), including the long-acting diazepam (Valium) used to treat anxiety and the ultra-short-acting midazolam (Versed) used intravenously to produce anesthesia…

… In evaluating the latest advances in anesthesiology in 2007, Dr. Beverley Orser, Professor of Anesthesiology and Physiology at the University of Toronto, discussed the mechanism faction of anesthetics, including BZ’s.  Her description confirmed the brain-disabling principle in regard to these drugs:

Even at the local level, if one imagines groups of neurons as forming lines in a vast telephone network, the effect of general anesthesia is analogous to pulling out the plugs at the switchboard.

This kind of general disruption of brain function and consciousness takes place when an individual undergoes anesthesia — or takes BZ’s to relieve anxiety.  Unfortunately, Dr. Orser’s level of sophistication about the brain-disabling effects of BZ’s is sorely missing among psychiatric drug experts who persist in believing that their chemicals treat specific psychiatric disorders similar to the way insulin treats diabetes.

                                                   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Back to pH-at Naturopath:
It is my sincere hope that those of you who read this get the clearly stated message: 

 Psychiatric medications “are not specific in their action.” 

They are, in fact, dangerous.  Truly mind altering…and not of the pleasant, “normalizing” variety.  Somewhere, someone got the notion you could stuff 1950’s sitcom personalities into a patented chemical formulation into a pill and society swallowed it whole.  Perhaps an attitude derivative of the “shut ’em up, pucker up” era in question where in just recent history, women were expected to be seen and not heard just as much as the children. 

Usher in the “I want it – NOWVeruca Salt era of instant gratification, top it with a good dose of prescription bonuses (particularly from every new synthetic drug that needs a pusher on the market) and there you have it:  the perfect formula for disinformation of the public and I truly speculate misinformation of most medical students. 

Dr. Breggin points out the notion that these drugs are wrongly believed to function similarly to diabetes drugs.  That introduces a whole other future post, but I will leave you with this to think about: 

Never will we benefit fully by synthetic analogs of the real thing, whether they are injected or swallowed. 


Holistically  Yours ~  pH-at  Naturopath

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