Vegetarian Cheese made with GMO Calf Rennin/Rennet

 editor’s note:  Rennin, rennet, chymosin are all names used for the same thing > an enzyme that is added to milk as the first step in making cheese, or for making junket.   Sometimes, the terminology is more distinct, rennet being the stomach extract, while rennin or chymosin are names for the pure enzyme itself, which is the active ingredient in the extract. – WordIQ.

This piece is brought to you by our collaborative contributor Sleuth for Truth who volunteers the majority of her time researching nutrition, natural health, and civil rights violations.

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In 1990 a genetically modified organism [GMO] rennin substitute was passed by the FDA.  In the USA and UK near 90% of cheese is produced using the GMO rennin!  It has been the best kept secret ever!  Tesco and Marks & Spencer [aka, M&S] grocery stores repeatedly assured me that no GMO was used in their cheese production.  I did not believe them, and I kept at them and at them until they told me the truth. 

I made this video to highlight my journey with Marks & Spencer trying to get the truth out of them.  All of their cheeses use the GMO rennin — their organic cheeses!


I suspect Tesco do as well, but they will not admit it.  I am currently trying to find out exactly which organic certification board thinks it is OK to use GMO rennin.
The Vegetarian Society also endorse the GMO rennin.  As the GMO rennin is cloned from the actual rennin extracted from a dead calves stomach, I asked did they not think they were deceiving vegetarians with their endorsement?  They said they ‘believe it better that one calf should die than thousands.’
I put it to them:  if they had not have endorsed it, then the cheese manufacturers would have been forced to use one of the natural plant rennins.

The FDA granted the original patent and license to Pfizer (the drug giant).
Any substance taken from a plant cannot be patented, no money in that, so the GMO rennin totally took over the market.  It was becoming too expensive to kill calves at a day old to harvest the rennin, so a substitute had to be found.

The substance in the rennin that causes the curds and whey to separate is chymosin.  They started off with rennin from a dead calves stomach, extracted the chymosin, then produced clones of the calves rennin.  They now also use rennin from piglets and lambs.

Tesco, environmental health, and Marks & Spencer all tell me no GMO is left in the cheese or whey, but they could not furnish me with studies or tests that might prove this.  Other advocates of this GMO chymosin say only a small percentage is left in the cheese, and more in the whey!  Whey is in everything:  chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, etc…

Asking a vegetarian to eat cheese produced from cloned rennin, is akin to saying, eat that sheep – its OK – its only a clone!!!!!!  I have not been onto all the other supermarket chains, but I think we can take it as a given….they all use it! 
The Co-Op [The Co-operative Group, LTD] seems to be the only supermarket in the UK who has shown any respect for their customers being the only ones that have it on the label that a GMO is used in the production of the cheese.  They have at least allowed their customers the choice if they want to consume food produced using a GMO.
MUCH respect to The Co-op!  I WILL NOW BE DOING A LOT MORE OF MY SHOPPING AT THE CO-OP BECAUSE OF THEIR HONESTY.  I won’t eat the GMO cheese, but AT LEAST The Co-op warns you…in BIG LETTERS!
The rest are lying, deceitful cons who have maintained this lie for years.  I dare anyone to ring Marks & Spencer or Tesco and ask if they use GMO in the production of their cheeses – they will say no!  It took me months to get the truth out of them, and I now have it in writing.  It suited them all just fine that the “useless eaters” had no clue what they were eating!
I beg you all, please spread the word on this, tell everyone, and start shouting.  Do what I do:  phone them, make a fuss, call them liars – because that is what they are!  Marks & Spencer especially bum and blow all the time about their store being totally GMO free!  Half the food in their food has had the GMO chymosin used in the production.  Rotten liars!
Then there is all the things that contain GMO whey:  chocolate, ice cream, pies, biscuits… this DNA altering mess is in everything!  Cadbury and Nestle both use a lot of whey in their chocolate.  It’s a bulking agent – it bulks the chocolate up AND it bulks you up!

Here is information on the production of chymosin.

Then this link details the totally inadequate testing that was done on chymosin which seems to have been done by Pfizer….like they could be trusted.  I have been trying to establish who exactly produces the GMO chymosin, but so far no luck!  Whatever the big secret is, no one will tell me.

I’m still on this case; I’m not finished with them all yet!  Look forward to updates by checking back often or follow us by FREE email subscription.
Until then — stand for something and assume nothing!
Your very own,
Sleuth for Truth

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