Scientific Research Proves Vaccines Can Cause Cancer

For all you out there who suggest that the “anti-vaxers” [opposing vaccines] are out to lunch, or want to do your own research before you make a decision to not vaccinate, here is a deluge of credible research to begin.  Heavy stuff, but worth your time.  This is our children, our lives, our future, we’re talking about here.

To Thine Ownself be True ~ pH-at Naturopath 

Scientific evidence of the relationship between cancer and vaccines, as well as stealthy VIRAL pathogens found in vaccines, and the modern day autoimmune conditions that are often caused by 3 out of 8 “dirty” vaccines (not to mention the harmful other ingredients in vaccines):

The FDA has confirmed this by using PCR technology.  3 out of 8 old polio virus vaccine samples were found to have DNA from SCMV [simian cytomegalovirus].  Two studies found an increased risk of cancer among children vaccinated with polio.

Polio vaccines, Simian Virus 40, and human cancer:  the epidemiologic evidence for a causal association

Cancer-causing Vaccines, AIDS, Polio, & Monkey Business


Cytomegalovirus (SCMV), a “stealth virus” capable of causing neurological disorders in the human brain is also the cancer-causing monkey virus found in 3 of 8 strains of polio vaccines and administered to millions of unsuspecting people throughout the world.  It was just 1 of numerous simian viruses known to have contaminated polio vaccines.

The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy,
and long-term health-related consequences

Leukemia and brain cancer now account for nearly 1/2 of all childhood cancers.  In the last 20 years asthma has increased by 300%, ADHD and allergies by 400%, autism by a staggering 1500%, and learning disabilities by 55%, a cautious estimate.

Dr Anju Usman & her family’s experience :

A JAB IN THE DARK.  Are our children being over vaccinated?

Here is a great article…except for the last paragraph regarding finding a vaccine to help.  Little did this writer know that the virus /pathogens he talks about are often found in vaccines as per earlier articles above.

The Insanity Virus | Mental Health | DISCOVER Magazine


Another great article from a great doctor, Dr Suzanne Humphries:  “Are Vaccines a Gift from God?” 

Boyd Haley, phD comments in regards to this article: 

“As a retired professor of biochemistry/chemistry who taught in a medical school for 20+ years it is indeed sad to read what Dr. [Suzanne] Humpries writes, but especially because there is a lot of truth to it.  Basically, just comparing the infant and childhood mortality rates of the USA (the most highly vaccinated children) to other countries that do not vaccinate as early or as much as the USA it quite telling.  The USA has one of the highest infant and childhood (1-5 years age) death rates of modern countries, yet this never gets discussed on major media.  It definitely points out that there is something wrong with our medical care system.  The inaction and lack of addressing this issue by our federal health agencies is one of the major failures of American society.  We indeed are producing sick children incapable of being what they could be.  The past academic successes of USA children, when compared to foreign competitors, shows that we are now failing in our responsibilities toward these infants and youngsters — and I am afraid that our Congress members could care less at this time.”

Feb 10, 2011 peer reviewed and fully indexed Journal of Immunotoxicology, 2011 states the following:

“The MMR II vaccine is contaminated with HUMAN DNA (aborted fetal tissue) from the cell line.  This human DNA could be the cause of the spikes in incidence.  An additional increased spike in incidence of autism occurred in 1995 when the chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue (Merck and Co., Inc., 2001; Breuer, 2003).

Taken together, these data support the hypothesis that residual human DNA in some vaccines might cause autism.”


New Medical Journal Review: Vaccine Injury is a Documented Cause of Autism 

To Thine Ownself be True ~ pH-at Naturopath

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