MI Mother Loses Custody of Child after Vaccine Reaction/Discontinue Antipsychotic Meds to Turn to Holistic Medicine

I begun following this case first as a mother who was dumbfounded that Michigan mother Maryanne Godboldo was losing custody of her 13 year old daughter and arrested for deciding to discontinue medicating her daughter with risperidone (Risperdal).  Things got dramatic during a police stand off after a court order filed by Child Protective Services [CPS].

Maryanne Godboldo was a dancer before quitting to raise her daughter.  She homeschooled her to give her the space, freedom, and individual attention to flourish in her education without her self esteem taking any hard knocks due to an amputation her daughter had.  She simply did not want her defined by her weakness, but full of her strengths.

As her daughter approached middle school, she asked to try out the public school experience.  Upon enrollment, she was forced to be vaccinated.  Unusual behaviors cropped up immediately.  Maryanne took her to the Children’s Center, a place for at-risk youth.  They instructed her to give her daughter the antipsychotic drug that caused the young teen to get worse.  After seeking a 2nd opinion, she chose holistic treatments.

Now, her 13 yo daughter is in a shelter run by the Children’s Center.  A judge has court-ordered that the Children’s Center discontinue giving her Risperdal.  Since then, an appeal has been filed to reverse the order.  The daughter also has tested positive for a STD.  Tests were taken upon arrival that were negative.  An investigation into sexual abuse at the children’s shelter is underway.

When she tested positive, she was sent to a hospital for 17 hours of treatment and observation.  Her family camped out at the hospital in a peaceful vigil of prayer and unity to make sure that she did not return back to the center.  It didn’t stop them from releasing her back to the same den of emotional isolation away from her loved ones.

Maryanne Godboldo was preparing to finish her degree and teach.  Now, she is facing felonies.  Her daughter was preparing to see what ‘she might be missing out on’ [an often overstated mantra] and is faced with more than any little girl should ever be forced.

I think often people internalize, “Ah – that’s in [insert any state besides home].  What does that have to do with me?  Glad I don’t live there.”  No wonder we seem more like 50 divided states instead of the 50 United States of America.  Bad legislation or enforcement sets a precedent…or rather lowers the bar for the quality of life for all of us.

Besides, who can just stand by without at least acknowledging the issue, talk about it, tweet, share it, and of course…join and “like” the group “I support Maryanne Godboldo“.  Her niece updates it frequently.  The latest news was they are in court trying to regain custody.  The judge is reported to have said that CPS were lowering their standards for reasons to take a child away from their parents.


Physician who advised Detroit mother says she was right to refuse psychotic drugs for daughter


Stand-Off Daughter Allegedly Sexually Assaulted While In State Care



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