Learn to Read with Stories/Games/Songs

I’ve begun tutoring a first grade reader recently, and I have to say, I really enjoy getting back to the beginning stages of learning again. Afterall, my own boys are ages 10 and 13 5/6ths years old, so their level of activities has taken on a whole new meaning comparative to the learning drills that could be turned into a game on a moment’s notice.

Their perspective of fun matures, but I find that as I grow older, I gain more of an appreciation for the simpler ways of experiencing (and learning from) life. I would say in direct ratio to how serious a person usually is or views life, is the same need to make time for more sillier pursuits.

Anyway, I began to think with my new little muse that he would respond better to games and activities that required reading, but were not long, extensive stories. Many of these same things would sharpen listening skills and reinforce following directions, yet the interactive nature gave him something to busy his hands with and control all at the same time.

I looked through a very useful site today published in England. The content is challenging for beginning readers, but varied and interesting. Whether it is reading a joke or creating crazy animals, it has many ideas that use sight words and high frequency words to get their stories across.

Another website Apples4Teachers offered a great deal of American literature, nursery rhymes, and other reading material for beginning to intermediate readers.

Click below to see reviews and links to full site:

Learn English, Kids!  by the British Council




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