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Q: What do you call a dinosaur wearing a blindfold?

A: Do-you-think-he-saw-us!

Q: Why do dragons sleep during the day?

A: So they can fight knights!


Q: Why did the computer squeak?

A: Somebody squeezed the mouse.


Q: What does Triceratops sit on?

A: Its Tricera-bottom!


Q: Why are fish so clever?

A: Because they are always in schools.

More Jokes    Child clicks for the answer.  Great for beginning-intermediate readers.

Short Stories:  Each 1 of the short stories on this site has an educational interactive game you can play while the story quickly loads.  Once story is loaded, you can skip activity if you like and go straight to the book.

“The Hungry Dragon”    Online story read outloud with text.

“Planet Earth”

“Dinosaur Dig”  This one pauses at the end of each page, so the reader turns the page to progress the story.  Great for identifying words after they have been read.  Gives the child more of a chance to look at the words themselves.  Pictures and animation will draw the eye 1st to each scene, so pausing on other stories would be necessary for them to read the words aloud.

“The Lucky Seed”   This one also has the reader turning the pages.
Animated story read aloud.


Bookworm    To play, the child will direct the bookworm to eat the letters of a word.  They must be eaten in the correct spelling order, or the game ends.

This may frustrate your child in the beginning, but it actually reinforces the notion to stop/interrupt your child when they misspell a word outloud.  My oldest son had a tendency to want to talk about it, “Oh, I thought it was spelled ….”  Although I encourage my kids to be outspoken appropriately otherwise, this is a subject that I won’t allow to be discussed because it just gives their brain more exposure to the INcorrect way.  So, later when recalling how to spell it, their brain will be in a memory battle trying to grasp what letter combination made the right word. 

Insect World    I really liked how the reader is required to listen and read to follow their own path of learning as insects are categorized by habitat, thus giving the reader control, but also more choices.

Asteroid Blaster     Wonderful graphics, though it does make a blasting sound when asteroids are shot.  Works just as easily muted as with sound.  The idea is the child blasts the asteroids until a word is complete.  They do not choose letters, but instead each successful hit gets a new letter.  When the space word is completely spelled, the mission is over; game stops and child has chance to read the word they discovered. 

I always define words as they are introduced into my child’s vocabulary.  I don’t even wait for them to ask because it is so easy for the brain to just skip recognition of the word entirely when it is still unknown to it.  Giving it a moment of special attention builds on the memory bank of knowledge they can use for recall later.

Clean and Green     Good for learning recycling words/items.

Making Questions    Click large word bubbles to put the words into correct order for a question.  Timed exercise.  Questions are ~3 words long.  May get longer as you progress through exercise.  I only played it a short while to test it out.

Label Easy Dino Parts    Interactive label dino parts.  Words are:  claw toe jaws nostrils horn back tail neck.

Labeling Games    list of labeling games – subjects:  Spring, sea animals, classroom, insects, dinosaurs, playground, bedroom, transport, clown’s face, dragon, animals,

Working with Animals    Matching job with description regarding care of animals; 1st grade sentences, but job title “scientist” they would need help reading.

Silly Monsters    Match the silly monsters with their description.  Encourages sight word reading.

MORE  Matching Games     Subjects:  teeth, personality, working with animals, fireworks safety, seasons and animals, weather, gadgets, computers, monsters, monster jokes, human body, Halloween costumes

Paint It    These aren’t just interactive paint games, but also a following directions challenge through attentive listening.  Subjects:  bedroom, flags, pets, sea animals, playground, shapes, rainbow, clown’s face, winter clothes, transport, witch’s brew

Banana Milkshake        Challenging but possible for 1st grader…Read and arrang the order of instructions teaching us how to make a banana milkshake.

Make Your Own Story     Very cool interactive story maker.  They guide the choices, your child reads and chooses their favorite option to get the story written.

Crazy Critter Animal Maker    Cute game. Simpler words are used to give directions on making crazy animals.  Both reading and following directions are worked on with this one.


“The River”      Story/song with text and animated graphics.

MORE Songs    List of animated songs with text.

Choosing Faces    Practice listening with Face Match.  Read or listen to a description of a person. You’ll see six faces. Which is the right person? Click on the face and then click on ‘choose’ to see if you are correct.

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Great tools, books, poems, puzzles, games for students, parents, and teachers with special emphasis on the beginning – intermediate reader.

Get more Free Rockin’ Independent Knowledge as we begin to add more learning resources to our catalog.  Check with us often!  Our goal is to update each category at least once a week.

Much thanks to my little reading muse for inspiring me to prioritize publishing this post.  🙂  The Infamous FRIK

OH!  One more thing…here’s something cute I caught online this morning.  Just wanted to share a smile…

 video of Staff Caring for Baby Orangutan


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