Grammar Stage Vocabulary

For a full introduction or review on how to approach vocabulary, visit this article.

While I did point out that the grammar stage should be about allowing the child to soak up reading material like hungry sponges with little interference, some memorization is essential for a solid framework.

At this age it is best to work in increments of 5-15 minutes from 1-3 times a day.  So if their attention span caps at 5 min. have them work on it 3 times/day.  If they can study diligently for 15 min. straight, once may be enough.  Always, always use your child’s capabilities as a guide.  No use in trying to fit a square in a round hole.  Work with them, not against them.  This is where flexibility comes in.  Insuring that the work is done is where consistency lies.

Dedicate every other day to vocab/spelling and every other day to grammar.  This is in addition to any fiction/non-fiction writing exercises.

K-2 you should create their list and introduce it as a separate subject.

Grade 3 is transitional for most in maturity and capability.  While they can take on more written work and multiplication, they are also still easily distracted, energetic, and appreciate hands-on work.  This is a good time to approach the student as a partner, allowing their input while still rounding it off with your own, and aiming for at least 10 new vocabulary words each week.

Grade 4 students should show the ability to do the same with honesty and humility, but their list pulled from all subjects should include at least 20 new words along with any past words that they are not sure.

Once your list is established, there are many methods to approach memorization.  The definitions (along with part of speech) should be written down at least once  in their notebook.

Further ideas will be discussed in our lesson plan venue.


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