Rhetoric Stage Vocabulary

For a full introduction or review on how to approach vocabulary, visit this article.


For the rhetoric stage, continue the notebook format from the logic stage, but begin adding an additional 3 – 5 words every other day that are derived from SAT/ACT college entrance exam prep.  If that is not available, seek the oddest words possible from a dictionary.


Dedicate 3 days/wk to vocabulary/spelling English, then

2 days/wk to English Grammar & foreign language.


Continue adding more complex words parts.  By this time, Latin derivatives are an excellent source.  Not only will they advance their knowledge of biology by doing so, but English along with the Romance Languages are based upon Latin.


The Latin alphabet, together with its modern variants, such as the English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German alphabets, is the most widely used alphabet in the world. Terminology deriving from Latin words and concepts is widely used, among other fields, in philosophy, medicine, biology, and law. — Wikipedia


1 minute per vocabulary word

x 2 times per day

x 3 times per week

+ 4 new SAT/ACT words

& 5 word parts for each study day.

The rhetoric stage involves writing research papers and reading a tremendous amount of supporting factual material.  To prevent overload it works best if we do not expect redundant definition writing.

Instead, try this workflow:

Day 1)  Words should be written once in a subject-specific notebook and then read into an audio recorder if available.  Write 4 new SAT/ACT words & 5 word parts in vocabulary notebook.

Day 2)  Grammar.  Replay words from audio.

Day 3)  Flashcards can then be typed & cut from cardstock or standard typing paper & hole-punched/bound by string or large ring binder.  Add 4 new SAT/ACT words & 5 word parts to weekly list.

Day 4)  Grammar.  Replay words from audio or review flashcards once.

Day 5)  Transcribe all vocabulary words from all subjects into vocabulary notebook by hand.  In later part of the day, take a verbal pretest verified by a 2nd person.  Any that are missed should be studied throughout the weekend (days 6 & 7).  The 1st assignment on the 8th day, or Monday, is a test on the remaining words/word parts.  Any missed should be added to the upcoming week’s study list.

     You should start to see a more mature vocabulary present itself in both formal & creative writing assignments.  If not, begin to make a point to require at least 2 per assigned page of writing.  “Use it or lose it” applies so very often in life. 



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