Intro to Latin for beginners

I first discuss the importance and relevance of learning Latin to apply in modern society with my articles “How to approach vocabulary for homeschoolers” and “Rhetoric Stage Vocabulary.”

While the following video series looks to be a promising thorough course in Latin (free of charge), it is geared more for those in the logic and rhetoric stages of the trivium.  I do not think it will appeal to those in the grammar stage.  It is true that the earlier you can introduce a language the quicker the progress, so I will continue to be on the hunt for sources that will interest the little ones.  However, I will note that while it may bore a small child, these videos would be great for the parent/teacher/tutor to view and perhaps modify the content with their own graphics and manipulatives.

At any rate, this 1st video takes the time to explain the difference between English and Latin along with the process of learning any new language.  Evan1965 assures you that the reason it may seem difficult for native English speakers is because you are literally creating new neural pathways in your brain.  Using parts that have dwindled from lack of use, you are literally increasing your brain’s capacity.  A pretty cool incentive, don’t ya think?


Follow this up with a video tutorial of the Latin Alphabet appropriate for all ages.


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