Warning signs of dyslexia you may have overlooked

A very comprehensive site that gives us clues or warning signs of the possibility of dyslexia in loved ones will help you arm yourself with tools to remove learning obstacles in both children and adults.  This by no means is diagnostic, nor is a diagnosis a sentence of doom and gloom for one encountering problems.


Contrary to Jack Nicholson‘s famous line, “You can’t handle the truth!” from GI Jane starring Demi Moore, I have always found strength and reassurance in nothing less than the truth.  A problem becomes manageable when all aspects are brought to the forefront because energy no longer has to be spent in useless direction as the source is sought.


So think of this as empowering, not degrading, or even scary information.  Success is meant to be had by everyone, even those with dyslexia, any other learning disability, or unique brainwave patterns.  Follow up any warning signs with professional testing and personalized development exercises.


Symptoms of Dyslexia


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