Science project: Lego Balloon Flight gets international attention

While I think the story of Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammed, 17 years old, is very inspiring considering they received international attention, the reason I am bringing it to the forefront here is because the accompanying article does an excellent job of describing their work.  This allows other students to replicate their project, but also to see that the science projects do not have to be ultra complicated, but just very well planned and documented.

They decided to launch a Lego man via weather balloon and track his progress via a GPS app on a cellphone, while simultaneously photographing the Lego man’s aerial views.  Equipping the Lego man with a parachute, they also retrieved him and equipment with the help of a website that predicted where he would land.

Even if you’re not interested in duplicating the experiment, it still makes an interesting science lesson in physics in which you can create diagrams to recreate their planning process.  In my opinion, it’s the planning that scares many students into delving into deeper questions.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed not knowing how to get from point A to point Z, but if the problem is broken down into a series of questions, then each question can be approached systematically.

Read more:

The science and engineering behind Lego Man’s balloon voyage


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