US citizens – Demand the right to know what’s in your food

Think your food labels are complete and honest, even if you can’t pronounce 3/4 of the ingredients?  Think again.  GMOs (genetically modified organisms) developed by Monsanto and proven to cause cancer and other DNA alterations are not required by the FDA to be labeled.

This video does a great job to illustrate the point.  Just don’t let the issue drop there.  After going here to tell Pres. Obama to cut all ties between the FDA and Monsanto, take another moment to write your representatives from the bottom up.  Let them know that not only are you fed up with Monsanto contaminating and controlling our food supply, but that as a human being you have a right to know what is in your food.  It is about time the US caught up with the rest of the world on this matter.

Lastly, do not forget to share your concerns with local grocery stores, family, and facebook friends and tweeters.

To find out more about Monsanto and the damage caused by genetically engineeredfrankenfoods,” or GMOs, go here:

Quality not quantity counts – even with fruits & vegetables

11 yo homeschooler takes on Monsanto

Monsanto’s Dark History  (1901 – 2011)


President Obama makes colleges rethink tuition hikes

I have long ranted about how colleges abuse their monopolization on education by forcing unnecessary tuition hikes year after year.  It had come to the point that I actually touted them as holding our lives for ransom under degrees that are often overestimated in worth and exaggerated in need.


This may seem completely contradictory to my love for learning and ascertainment that “Knowledge is power,” but it simply is not.  One can easily teach themselves how to do virtually anything in our media millennium.  Unless it’s surgery or piloting a plane, & yeah ok, I’ll concede a few other ambitions, most specialties can be honed at home.

While society is a long way from bowing to my point of view, degrees are nearly a prerequisite – although not a reassurance of – employment for now and the future.  Given this, I have already informed my children that 1) yes, you’ll go to college, but 2) there’s no way your father & I can afford it.  At least they have no misconceptions ahead of time and realize that effort, diligence, and scholarship (probably multiples, in fact) will be expected.

However, President Obama did just step up for a startling reality check to the higher education industry:  control your tuition or lose federal funding.  It parallels quite *nicely* with doctors and hospitals overcharging in 1 form or another simply because they know Medicaid/Medicare will cover the cost.  Of course they have to be extra sly, so they will push or exaggerate certain diagnoses like mental illness, diabetes, and heart disease into receiving treatments that have actually been proven to make the problem (or others) worse.

President Obama also addressed the abuse of inflated interest rates on student loans.  I never would have thought when I was in high school that any bank or lender could possibly legally take advantage of someone via student loans.  Thank God I never made it an option for myself, because stories abound of people going bankrupt — yes, bankrupt — for having done so.

Taxes, child support, and student loans are the 3 types of debt that cannot be wiped off your credit report for non-payment.  So naturally when you put this fact together with federal funding, subsidized tuition via grants like the Pell Grant, a workforce that no longer trusts itself to train its workers (read — too cheap to train their own workers), & tuition rates set by the very people paid the highest within an institution of higher learning, then of course abuse would be rampant.

Netflix offers an excellent revealing documentary “Frontline:  College, Inc.” discussing this very matter.  A well-versed viewer gives it 3 out of 5 stars & then comments:

A narrow expose that does not address the broader problem and its root causes. The factors driving the growing demand for advanced degrees – of any kind, from any university – deserve scrutiny. What was once a cost-benefit decision is now a foregone conclusion: You must get a college degree. Like all bubbles, the college bubble has been pumped to excess by societal and market failures. Among these: the societal failure that for many, a public high school education is often inadequate or irrelevant; and the market failure created that distortions in the market for a college education – principally, tax-payer funding – has produced an artificial demand for it and facilitated its costly supply. (In an environment where super-loose monetary policy already encourages malinvestments in education, fiscal distortions are the last thing you need.) This documentary could have focused on the common problems affecting the entire advanced education complex, but instead simply focused on the failings of the latest entrant, the for-profit sector. It could also have cited studies that show that much of the performance gap among sectors is due to differences in demographics. To be fair, this narrow expose still allows an open-minded viewer to see a broader problem and diagnose a common cause. He or she would have been able to (a) compare and equate problems afflicting students and institutions in the private sector system with analogous problems in the public systems, and (b) conclude that misplaced State-involvement appears to be a growing common factor in both systems. Yet, the documentary does not attempt to broaden the discussion or to explore common causes. Worst, in an attempt to speculate about a solution to the problem of private sector colleges, the documentary appears to suggest…even more taxpayer funding funding for Community Colleges. Is this what being educated without learning is about? Humh. Watch instead CATOs online panel Profit from Ivory Towers of 11/30/10.

More information:

Obama to High-Priced Universities: ‘You’re on Notice’

Make Democracy Work for You – Here’s How

We would like to thank our guest authors at Take Back America for sharing this with us today:
Being an engaged, active, and responsible citizen requires more than casting a ballot on voting day.  Our responsibility as citizens does not end when we exit the voting booth, rather that is the moment at which the true responsibility begins.
Whether or not the person for whom you voted actually gets into office should not deter you from making them work for the people. Remember, our tax dollars pay their salaries; therefore, regardless of whether or not the person sitting in office is the one for whom you voted he/she is still our employee.  As such, it is up to each of us to ensure that they are working for the people.

This requires some effort on our part.  This requires us to keep up on legislation on the floor and to write, call, or email our elected representatives on a regular basis.  We have far more disclosure in our government than many of us may realize. Every bill currently on the floor of our state and federal houses is available for our review. 

State legislation is available for review on your state’s website.  Simply type in your state’s two letter abbreviation and state legislation (ex. pa state legislation) into your search engine and you can browse bills currently on the floor.   Federal legislation can be viewed at

As much as I want to place all of the blame on the government for failing us and on the rich for bribing this country out from under us, We the People must take some of the blame upon ourselves.  For too long we have remained silent.  We have been complacent.  We have been lackadaisical bosses.
If we want our country back, if we want the political system to work in our favor then we must work for it.  We must make the ultimate sacrifice – our time and energy.  We must take responsibility.  We must take action. 
The rich get the attention because they make the most noise:  they have lobbyist who make phone calls, write letters, and make meetings.  Yet, the rich make up only 2% of the population.  This means that there are over 294 million of us and only about 6 million of them.  Imagine the force We the People could be if all of us performed our duty as citizens; if we each wrote letters, made phones, or sent emails to our state and federal representatives every month.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so let’s be the squeaky wheel. 
Time to make some noise!
Here are a few examples of sites where you can view state legislation:
PA     NJ     CA     WI 
From each state site you can also find out who your representatives are and how to contact them by entering your zip code.
Then, there’s US Congress, both House and Senate.  From these sites you can find out who represents your district and how to contact them.
To actually view legislation currently debated or introduced in Congress, visit here.  It would be more effective to start here before contacting your reps so that you can have the name/number of the exact bill in front of you as you voice your support or opposition.
The political process will only work for the people if We the People are willing to put in the effort to make it do so.
Please visit and join us on facebook.
Patriotically Yours,
Take Back America 
editor’s note:  Beware that  monitoring and censorship has been known to occur quite frequently lately throughout the entire facebook site.  More info concerning this to come in the future.  Stay tuned by signing up for our FREE email subscription. For now, understand that while fb is a great promotional and sharing tool, relying on it solely to pass on information without backing up your contacts and data puts you in a vulnerable position. 
The Voter Effect

President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama Video Message about Bullies

The timing of this video release was impeccable for my own family. My two sons who homeschool (with bullying being the initial culprit in my decision to do so) had to deal with this very issue in a prominent youth social group over the past several months.

The problem had climaxed to the point that I stepped in and addressed the officials leading the group, and immediately gained their support to stop the matter in its tracks. I was also impressed with how they counseled the children to:

1) recognize it, 2) confront it, and 3) report it promptly.

I think the kids really appreciated hearing from adults that supporting each other without fear of also approaching an adult was crucial to their well-being.

This message from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama reaffirmed to my boys that they could handle any further issues, and that no, Mama’s not just being over-protective. 🙂

Go now to see President Obama talking to kids about bullying, and to gain more support and information for parents and kids including live video conferencing and chat.

If you hurry, you can catch LIVE today at 10:30am EST the 1st ever White House conference on bullying prevention.

~ One Love ~

The Infamous FRIK n’ FRAK

Obama Says Bring Back the Arts for Superior Intelligence, Success, & World Relations

I’ll let Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama speak for himself:

To remain competitive in the global economy, America needs to reinvigorate the kind of creativity and innovation that has made this country great. To do so, we must nourish our children’s creative skills. In addition to giving our children the science and math skills they need to compete in the new global context, we should also encourage the ability to think creatively that comes from a meaningful arts education.

Unfortunately, many school districts are cutting instructional time for art and music education. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that the arts should be a central part of effective teaching and learning.

The Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts recently said “The purpose of arts education is not to produce more artists, though that is a byproduct. The real purpose of arts education is to create complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives in a free society.”

Thanks to fullbodytransplant here on wordpress for passing along this exciting and enlightening information.  I invite you to check out his website at where you will see some fascinating artwork and complicated techniques in use. 

Peace, One Love, & most of all:  YES, WE CAN!!!   Optimistic




                                                                             Action  <<gotta give my 11 yr old son credit for that one 😀



Redistribution of Wealth – No more Socialist than Initial Distribution

I’m going to make my point quickly.  Millionaire CEO’s currently get outrageous, unbelievable in fact, tax breaks when they send our jobs overseas.  Not only that, but only the first $80,000 or so is taxed equally across the board.  If you make more than that, the tax rate significantly lowers…as much as only 10% versus the 28% rate that the majority of America is taxed at.  The immediately decries that it just plain doesn’t make sense.  The more you make, the less you owe in proportion to your total income.  Let’s also keep the extremely important point in mind that we are talking “taxable income” here too–not actual income.  So after the Playboy lifestyle, employees’ payroll and benefits, and an endless array of deductions are justified all in the name of “business,” it is the remaining mega-thousands and millions, or even billions, that is left in the swing of things. 

How good are these elitists at differentiating personal v/s business wealth?  A prime, recent example, albiet on the flipside, is how Lehman Brothers claims bankruptcy, while their CEO Robert Fuld earned $500 million over the last 8 years in salary and bonuses, and though he was once worth $1 billion, he now claims a current net worth of $100 million.  How the heck does someone just lose $900 million?  It’s called a Swiss bank account.

What makes me really want to scream though, is the Republicans’ futile effort to give the average American the impression that Obama wants to put a glass ceiling on your dreams and earnings.  That is just flat ridiculous, and is nothing but false slander.  There is not a single wealthy person out there that has not had to rely on the backs of workers to get where they are today.  Not a doctor, a stock broker, a banker, a construction company, a restaurant owner, you name it.  What is evermore sickening is that even though the deductions of benefits costs are out there and accessible for these wealthy employers, they either don’t offer the benefits, or they do only to “qualified full-time employees”–and then make a special point to not hire ANYone full-time, thus keeping you from qualifying.

I have a good friend now who is beginning their first tenure as a professor at a local community college.  She is finishing her Master’s Degree in the related field, and is obviously excited about finally reaching her goals.  One hesitant setback:  she will be losing her health insurance.  What?!  How is it that a college professor at a state funded institution is not receiving at least basic health insurance benefits?  Simple:  they hire no one at full-time status, regardless of the number of classes or hours expected to be on campus.  Instead, she will indefinitely remain part-time status until they deem her worthy of full-time tenure and benefits.  Note, there is no specific goal of “after you perform successfully for 3 mo.” or anything similar.  The time frame is purely at their own discretion.

You don’t have to be an economic or sociology major to see that the true middle class of America is disappearing.  It is absolutely undeniable, and for the love of our own future survival, just stop trying to even imply that Obama plans to make it worse or “is a communist” when nothing could be further from the truth.  He is trying to rebuild the wealth and eliminate the social reliance of millions of Americans who, like myself, are hard-working, intelligent, and ready to succeed, but don’t stand a chance the way things exist today.

I want a degree.  Not just an associate’s degree, because the only jobs out there hiring where you can do more than live paycheck to paycheck require at least a bachelor’s degree.  I am willing to volunteer my hours in repayment of any tuition help.  I am ready to start at the bottom and work my way up into the successful realm of wealth.  Don’t dare call me lazy, because it has been the grit off of my hands that has built the wealth of more than a few business owners.  “I put my back into my living”–when the employment IS available to begin with, and I am very proud of that.  I also know that until the system is revamped, I have reached my glass ceiling.  Can you honestly tell me your situation is any different?

“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

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