Make Democracy Work for You – Here’s How

We would like to thank our guest authors at Take Back America for sharing this with us today:
Being an engaged, active, and responsible citizen requires more than casting a ballot on voting day.  Our responsibility as citizens does not end when we exit the voting booth, rather that is the moment at which the true responsibility begins.
Whether or not the person for whom you voted actually gets into office should not deter you from making them work for the people. Remember, our tax dollars pay their salaries; therefore, regardless of whether or not the person sitting in office is the one for whom you voted he/she is still our employee.  As such, it is up to each of us to ensure that they are working for the people.

This requires some effort on our part.  This requires us to keep up on legislation on the floor and to write, call, or email our elected representatives on a regular basis.  We have far more disclosure in our government than many of us may realize. Every bill currently on the floor of our state and federal houses is available for our review. 

State legislation is available for review on your state’s website.  Simply type in your state’s two letter abbreviation and state legislation (ex. pa state legislation) into your search engine and you can browse bills currently on the floor.   Federal legislation can be viewed at

As much as I want to place all of the blame on the government for failing us and on the rich for bribing this country out from under us, We the People must take some of the blame upon ourselves.  For too long we have remained silent.  We have been complacent.  We have been lackadaisical bosses.
If we want our country back, if we want the political system to work in our favor then we must work for it.  We must make the ultimate sacrifice – our time and energy.  We must take responsibility.  We must take action. 
The rich get the attention because they make the most noise:  they have lobbyist who make phone calls, write letters, and make meetings.  Yet, the rich make up only 2% of the population.  This means that there are over 294 million of us and only about 6 million of them.  Imagine the force We the People could be if all of us performed our duty as citizens; if we each wrote letters, made phones, or sent emails to our state and federal representatives every month.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so let’s be the squeaky wheel. 
Time to make some noise!
Here are a few examples of sites where you can view state legislation:
PA     NJ     CA     WI 
From each state site you can also find out who your representatives are and how to contact them by entering your zip code.
Then, there’s US Congress, both House and Senate.  From these sites you can find out who represents your district and how to contact them.
To actually view legislation currently debated or introduced in Congress, visit here.  It would be more effective to start here before contacting your reps so that you can have the name/number of the exact bill in front of you as you voice your support or opposition.
The political process will only work for the people if We the People are willing to put in the effort to make it do so.
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Patriotically Yours,
Take Back America 
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The Voter Effect

Full Audio Recording of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Getting Revealing Prank Call

You may have heard the rumors, but have you heard the entire recorded phone call that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker [R] took where he thought he was speaking to David Koch, mega-billionaire and Republican Party campaign contributor? Thanks to self-made journalist Ian Murphy of, you can now.

This audio has been authenticated from Governor Scott Walker’s office, and defended with, “It doesn’t say anything he hasn’t said in public.” Perhaps…but did he say these things before he was elected? Not a chance.

Furthermore, his own ethical standards are clearly distorted as you’ll note that he threatened to layoff state workers, remarking that he ‘bet that hanging over the Democrats head would get them back in session’. He also sought to trick the Democrats to enter the Capitol Building either to pick up their paychecks being held hostage in the Assembly Office or through “talks – not negotiations – but they all 14 have to be there.”

He even admits the motive was the legal loophole that would allow Republicans to proceed with the vote if the Democrats showed up, then got angry during discussion and left again. He stated that “once they’ve entered a session, should they take a recess, they don’t have to present after that to proceed.” Currently, Wisconsin law states that 20 State Congress Representatives must be present to vote on any issue concerning the budget.

As of yesterday, Walker pushed the vote through anyway without the Democrats being in session. The Democrats do plan to appeal, but while Governor Walker has claimed all along that this was a “budget repair bill,” he is now waivering to claim that it was a vote that didn’t involve “fiscal [budget] responsibility,” therefore the 19 present Republicans were sufficient.

Don’t you love it when a team changes the rules as they go along? Props to Republican Dale Schultz for batting a homerun by opposing his “refusing to budge” Republican Party.

Ahhh, I know. You came here for the audio. Here they are in 2 parts.

The Infamous FRIK n’ FRAK

Only Republican in Wisconsin to Vote for Unions

He was a lone wolf with the nerve to stand up against peer pressure from other Wisconsin state representatives in the Republican Party and vote against current Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to undercut Wisconsin citizens’ rights for collective bargaining on behalf of public workers’ benefits, aka “the Union-Busting Bill.” [editor’s note: Click to read bill in full; Interestingly enough, a Yahoo search of “Scott Walker budget repair bill” led to this link, yet when clicked, it re-routed you back to Yahoo’s search page. Moving over to Google, with same search attempt, the link was present in full & works just fine.]

While Gov. Scott Walker has destroyed his own reputation via telephone calls where he pointedly drives it home that this is a “them” and “us” political agenda where he was willing to blackmail and trick Dems into relinquishing voting power, and then on media tours where he clearly “flip-flops” his own intentions in the same sentence as he claims on the tv show “Upfront with Mike Gousha” that he was not restricting the right for public workers to unionize with collective bargaining for their own pay, yet he “and other Republicans” believed there should be “a cap” on negotiations. As in a limit. That’s like saying you’re going to auction off something, but as seller you refuse the higher price and insist on the lower bidding buyer. Insane, I know…but he really expected you to believe that.

On the other hand, there is Dale W. Schultz, our lone wolf Republican. While Gov. Scott Walker was busy ruining his own street credit, Dale W. Schultz just gained a few credit points in many people’s eyes, including my own. He is a great example that all Republicans aren’t neo-con gold diggers, just like being Democrat in 2011 doesn’t make you a socialist. He proves during one of the most divisive political eras of our country’s history that yes, we really do all have more in common than differences. We’d like to see more of that here at The Infamous Frik n’ Frak.

The fact that with all eyes were on him during a time of extreme pressurized debate of civil rights and economic stability, and he chose to vote against his fellow Republicans (18-1), knowing full well that the measure would lose thanks to the vote proceeding in the absence of the Democrat representatives that are hiding out in boycott of the matter, made him an “underdawg” in their eyes…and a hero in ours.

It was only after a second glance at his public statements and record regarding other issues that I was fully convinced that he was sincere in his choice. You can look here for yourself.

If you happen to be in any of the other 49 states or territories of the U.S. wondering, “What on Earth does Wisconsin have to do with me?” let me just make this point very clear: What can happen to someone else at some point will happen to you if silent submission, ignorance, or indeference is your chosen path.

We all have that choice to make: to walk toward the Light, or to dangle in Darkness. Republican Dale W. Schultz chose the Light.

To hear the audio of Gov. Scott Walker’s phone call to whom he thought was David Koch, major Republican Party financer, go here.

Redistribution of Wealth – No more Socialist than Initial Distribution

I’m going to make my point quickly.  Millionaire CEO’s currently get outrageous, unbelievable in fact, tax breaks when they send our jobs overseas.  Not only that, but only the first $80,000 or so is taxed equally across the board.  If you make more than that, the tax rate significantly lowers…as much as only 10% versus the 28% rate that the majority of America is taxed at.  The immediately decries that it just plain doesn’t make sense.  The more you make, the less you owe in proportion to your total income.  Let’s also keep the extremely important point in mind that we are talking “taxable income” here too–not actual income.  So after the Playboy lifestyle, employees’ payroll and benefits, and an endless array of deductions are justified all in the name of “business,” it is the remaining mega-thousands and millions, or even billions, that is left in the swing of things. 

How good are these elitists at differentiating personal v/s business wealth?  A prime, recent example, albiet on the flipside, is how Lehman Brothers claims bankruptcy, while their CEO Robert Fuld earned $500 million over the last 8 years in salary and bonuses, and though he was once worth $1 billion, he now claims a current net worth of $100 million.  How the heck does someone just lose $900 million?  It’s called a Swiss bank account.

What makes me really want to scream though, is the Republicans’ futile effort to give the average American the impression that Obama wants to put a glass ceiling on your dreams and earnings.  That is just flat ridiculous, and is nothing but false slander.  There is not a single wealthy person out there that has not had to rely on the backs of workers to get where they are today.  Not a doctor, a stock broker, a banker, a construction company, a restaurant owner, you name it.  What is evermore sickening is that even though the deductions of benefits costs are out there and accessible for these wealthy employers, they either don’t offer the benefits, or they do only to “qualified full-time employees”–and then make a special point to not hire ANYone full-time, thus keeping you from qualifying.

I have a good friend now who is beginning their first tenure as a professor at a local community college.  She is finishing her Master’s Degree in the related field, and is obviously excited about finally reaching her goals.  One hesitant setback:  she will be losing her health insurance.  What?!  How is it that a college professor at a state funded institution is not receiving at least basic health insurance benefits?  Simple:  they hire no one at full-time status, regardless of the number of classes or hours expected to be on campus.  Instead, she will indefinitely remain part-time status until they deem her worthy of full-time tenure and benefits.  Note, there is no specific goal of “after you perform successfully for 3 mo.” or anything similar.  The time frame is purely at their own discretion.

You don’t have to be an economic or sociology major to see that the true middle class of America is disappearing.  It is absolutely undeniable, and for the love of our own future survival, just stop trying to even imply that Obama plans to make it worse or “is a communist” when nothing could be further from the truth.  He is trying to rebuild the wealth and eliminate the social reliance of millions of Americans who, like myself, are hard-working, intelligent, and ready to succeed, but don’t stand a chance the way things exist today.

I want a degree.  Not just an associate’s degree, because the only jobs out there hiring where you can do more than live paycheck to paycheck require at least a bachelor’s degree.  I am willing to volunteer my hours in repayment of any tuition help.  I am ready to start at the bottom and work my way up into the successful realm of wealth.  Don’t dare call me lazy, because it has been the grit off of my hands that has built the wealth of more than a few business owners.  “I put my back into my living”–when the employment IS available to begin with, and I am very proud of that.  I also know that until the system is revamped, I have reached my glass ceiling.  Can you honestly tell me your situation is any different?

Illegal Immigrants & the Inevitable Can of Worms

Promoting an open-minded appreciation for minority cultures is one thing, but why are Hispanics given preferential treatment when seeking social services?  They are allowed to make more $$ than native citizens, and are encouraged that if they don’t personally qualify, “then someone in your household might.”  All the while my in-law who’s been paralyzed from polio since age 3 and my 78 yr old Papa–an Army Veteran from the Korean War–aren’t allowed even food stamps. 

Forgive me if this seems off topic, but I feel are very valid points when considering the city’s funds about to be spent on a cultural festival glorifying what are for the majority–illegal aliens.  Every major industry in Mt. Airy has been sent overseas, and for what jobs are left, legal citizens have to compete with the illegal population.  Not to mention the over-abundance of crowding & lack of equipment & faculty accountability in public schools (thank God I homeschool my own), the effects on the local ER waits, the high percentage of illiterate, illegal, uninsured drunk drivers, and now Pres. Bush doing his best to allow Mexican truckdrivers to drive our roads at will without US licensure. 

All of these issues affect all of our hometowns, regardless of the amount or efficacy of budgets allocated to revitilize our Main Streets.

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