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editor’s note:  Excerpts with links to full article to follow.

An attitude adjustment about learning

“…90% of learning goals are about attitude, integration, and exposure.”

“…Find a way to blend anything possibly educational into your kid’s daily life.”

“…Exposure is a combination of repetition and new experiences.”

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                              © 2009  jennifer o’neal simmons

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A different approach to learning how to write

editor’s note:  Excerpts with links to full article to follow.

“…It is up to us to recreate little snippets of ways to make an ordinary situation – extraordinary.”

“…Instead of trying to make them fit any mold, I have always considered their daily progress and effort in order to decide what must come next…”

“…Spelling and vocabulary lists are pulled from current reading…”

“…minutes studying words could lead to hours [willingly!]”

“…Books replace battery-powered toys and DVDs.”

“…following one’s own inspiration and curiosities…whether it be fact or fiction.”

“…Understanding its application gives you purpose, a self-motivated reason to complete the task that goes beyond searching for an A or gold star.”

“…We don’t just write in response to a random list of prompts.”

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A campside reunion with philosophy

editor’s note:  Excerpts with link to full article to follow.

“…9 years ago, we were proudly parenting a toddler and an infant, and camping was just asking for mishaps and mayhem.”

“…the great excuse to log off, unplug, and tune in to each other once again.”

“…my weekend of observations…”

poem:  “Let the Wind”  © 2010  jennifer o’neal simmons

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