Pure Energy

Energy takes many forms, beginning with the air we breathe, the water we drink, the sun we bask in, the soil our food grows in, to the food itself.  This page will be a dynamic discussion of natural energy and its sources, manipulation, and uses. 

Ironically, I specialize in reflexology that taps into our body’s energetic channels, while my husband is a gifted electrician specializing in traditional construction needs while learning more about new green alternative energy options.  Eventually, all of that will be included here.  Today, we begin with a reflection of the rejuvenating impact a weekend unplugged can have on our health and families.

A campside reunion with philosophy

editor’s note:  Excerpts with link to full article to follow.

“…9 years ago, we were proudly parenting a toddler and an infant, and camping was just asking for mishaps and mayhem.”

“…the great excuse to log off, unplug, and tune in to each other once again.”

“…my weekend of observations…”

poem:  “Let the Wind”  © 2010  jennifer o’neal simmons

To view full article and poem >  http://wp.me/p6Xox-1R


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