Uncommon Sense

editor’s note:  Excerpts with link to full post to follow.  

“…I had sold my Freedom of Press out for lousy cyber tokens hoping to save enough in a couple of years for some phat swag.” 

“…It took me more than a few months to realize my friend list and sub-categorized lists were not ample ‘who gives a damn’ filters.” 

“…It would be more appropriate to streamline the mental whirlwind, so the reader could choose when and how far they wanted to go.” 

“…at the end of the page, the 1 thing I strive for is to make you think.” 

To view full article >  http://wp.me/p6Xox-1p 

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A campside reunion with philosophy 

editor’s note:  Excerpts with link to full article to follow. 

“…9 years ago, we were proudly parenting a toddler and an infant, and camping was just asking for mishaps and mayhem.” 

“…the great excuse to log off, unplug, and tune in to each other once again.” 

“…my weekend of observations…” 

poem:  “Let the Wind”  © 2010  jennifer o’neal simmons 

To view full article and poem >  http://wp.me/p6Xox-1R 


Wild Chamomile flower ©2010  jennifer o'neal simmons

Wild Chamomile ©2010 jennifer o'neal simmons


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